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The Lancaster Motel, Established 1955


We find experiences are best when everyone has similar expectations of what they can expect so please read through and call us with any questions at (603) 788-4921.

So, The Lancaster Motel is basically a simple motel with clean, comfortable rooms at a price that is a good value for the location and amenities. Our property was built in the 50's with smaller rooms and bathrooms that are still a little bit dated. The structure is all brick. Soundproof which is great for sleeping but your walkie-talkie probably won’t work. However, our new dedicated fiber-optic WiFi will! Also, while we have instituted “no smoking”, “no pet” policies, some of the smells linger a little and only time (and more renovation…) will dissipate them. So please don't book with the expectation that we have the look, feel (and smell…) of a brand-new resort property. If you happen to be very sensitive to this type of thing, you might want to stay elsewhere. We can’t refund you for the “vague” smoking/pet smell (it’s in the brick…) so please don’t put our staff on the spot by asking.

The Lancaster Motel operates much like a good vacation rental. This means that while there is generally staff around, we are not a 24-hour full-service property. It’s a small town and the sidewalks are rolled up pretty early…) That being said, our lobby is open 7 am-7 pm. There is always good Wayfarer coffee brewing (we don’t skimp on that!). We also have a great Continental Breakfast for your enjoyment and convenience.

Our post-COVID-19 stayover policy has mandated a new approach to housekeeping. In a nutshell, stays two nights, and under we cannot offer ANY housekeeping service. We sincerely apologize for this so again, please do not put our housekeeping or front desk staff on the spot by asking... That said, you can always grab some extra towels at the Front Desk. For stays 3 nights or longer, your room will be automatically serviced under our new COVID-19 protocols. Click “Hey 19” and check out how we’re doing our best to keep you safe. Speaking of cleaning…please do not use our towels as rags to clean your bike, car, etc. We have rags at the Front Desk just for you, so just ask. Since we do not have the towel budget of a Marriot, we’ll have to charge you for towels used as rags and we really don’t want to do that.

Most people are pretty happy with their experience under the new ownership at The Lancaster Motel. We think it helps that everyone is on the same page from the get-go. Now that you know the ground rules, go ahead and get a room!

The Lancaster Motel, Established 1958

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1-844-990-4921 (intl. callers) Toll-Free


112 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584