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The Lancaster Motel, Established 1955

The Compass Rose Cocktail Bar

The definitive cocktail bar experience in the North Country. From martinis to Manhattans our classic cocktails harken to the gilded days of Gatsby and the speakeasy hideaways of Prohibition. Unwind in the velvet and jazz ambiance. Sink into a deep blue velvet chair as the jazz-infused music plays while you enjoy a liquid work of art from our signature cocktail menu. Let the live music tickle your ears on weekends for a date night to remember. Peruse our walk-in cigar humidor and select a premium cigar to finish the evening. Then head into The Waypoint Cigar Lounge with your newfound gem. A fine place to enjoy a smoke if you can find it…

The Lancaster Motel, Established 1958

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112 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584