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The Lancaster Motel, Established 1955


The Lancaster Motel is the best in-town option for groups! Call (603) 788-4921 to get started. So let’s get you up to speed! Here’s a basic rundown of our spaces, what we can host or have hosted in the past:


Say “Hi” to a unicorn! We’re a rarity as we’re on both Routes 2 & 3 in the center of Lancaster! Our building has two wings of rooms connected to the motel lobby. Once inside the lobby, you do NOT have to go outside to get to the event spaces. Whoohoo!

We currently offer queen and double beds. Standard Queen rooms (single Queen bed, 1 optional cot, 3 people), and Deluxe Queen rooms (two queen beds for up to 4 people, NO optional cot) and Deluxe Double rooms (2 double beds for up to 4 people, NO optional cot). We have 1 Retro Suite (1 Queen bed and a pullout sofa, 1 bath, 2 optional cots, 6 people max) and 6 Extended Stay Units w/private entrances (1 Queen bed, 1 bath, optional cot, 3 people max) and a 1 Single Person Ext. Stay Unit w/private entrance (1 Twin Bed, 1 bath 1 person max). Given all that, we are currently able to sleep quite a large group depending on bed occupancy.

We have some great spaces for gathering. A large open lobby great for sitting and people watching or playing some retro games. The new patio for after-hours drinks and conversation has garnered rave reviews! Our Retro Room and Banquet Room offer space for more formal gatherings such as wedding rehearsals and receptions. Call (603) 788-4921 for post-COVID-19 occupancy levels.


If you have a group and are expecting to need more than 5 rooms, please contact us directly at (603) 788-4921. Depending on the dates, we can likely place your rooms together and perhaps offer a discount on the stay. Please understand that we need to place this group buys on ONE invoice to qualify for a discount. In general, we cannot offer discounts on weekend stays unless you are buying out the motel for your event (i.e.: wedding, retirement party, etc.).


If you would like to host a company or social event and want exclusive use of the hotel or if you’ll want to set up tents, please contact us directly at (603) 788-4921 and ask for the event planner.


We’re getting lots of requests for wedding room blocks or buyouts, especially for the Summer. We understand weddings are tough to plan, so we thought sharing our policies in advance would smooth out your experience somewhat. So here’s the scoop…

  • To GUARANTEE rooms for your wedding group, we require a full property buyout. Meaning, if you would like to guarantee rooms for guests of your wedding, you will be responsible for filling all 24 rooms on the property for the stay. You are NOT required to buy out the Extended Stay units.
  • If you prefer NOT to guarantee rooms: Obviously, folks who are in town for your wedding are more than welcome to stay with us anyway and can book any available room at the going rate online or by phone or email. Rates will most likely be higher using this option.

Buyout Policy

Payments will need to be made on one invoice and the organizer will be responsible for any damages and expenses from the group. A 20% deposit will be collected at the time of the booking with the remainder due 4 weeks before check-in. We also have an 8-week cancellation policy: if you cancel your event more than 8 weeks before the event, we will give you a full refund. If less than 8 weeks but more than 4 weeks, we will keep the 20% deposit. If less than 4 weeks before the event, we have a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the original invoice. If any events will be hosted on the property, tents put up, etc., we will also need to speak about costs and liability/event insurance.

This makes it easier for everyone on both sides. It also ensures that wedding guests are not being disturbed by other guests on the property and vice versa.

Food & Beverage for Events

ALL events require a licensed, insured caterer for an event involving food or beverage. No “homemade” or other non-licensed outside food/beverage is allowed due to insurance regulations. We don’t like this but it is what it is. Thank you for understanding!

We hope you find these policies reasonable. If not, we'll do what we can to make an adjustment if at all possible. We're looking forward to having you here!

The Lancaster Motel, Established 1958

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1-844-990-4921 (intl. callers) Toll-Free


112 Main Street
Lancaster, NH 03584